FOM's very popular Monday Morning public lecture series focuses on the history, art, religion, philosophy and culture of the region. Speakers are experts in their subject and are drawn from both FOM and the community.

These free public lectures are held in the auditorium of the Asian Civilisations Museum. Everyone is welcome to arrive at 10:30 am for coffee or tea before the lecture, which begins promptly at 11:00 am. For safety and fire hazard reasons, there may be times when we cannot admit all those who wish to attend our lectures. Please take your seat early to avoid disappointment. For general enquiries please email

27 Marchy, 2017

Speaker: Marina Thayil

Art in India serves the purposes of life. It was never art for art’s sake, but was always created in response to demand. It was not love of art, but a love of life that was expressed in this incredible aesthetic tradition from early civilisations to modern times. This lecture provides a glimpse into the world of Indian paintings on walls, cloth, palm-leaf and paper and the stories they tell about gods and kings, artists and patrons, lovers and thieves.

3 April, 2017

Speaker: Melissa Diagana and Jyoti Angresh

In many ways, the story of Fort Canning Hill parallels the transformation of Singapore from a small trading town to today's vibrant, cosmopolitan city. From 14th century gold jewellery to 19th century paintings to 21st century sketches, from stone bas-reliefs to the ASEAN sculpture garden to temporary art installations, all manner of art relating to Fort Canning Hill can be found and help to tell its captivating story. Jyoti and Melissa fell in love with history and plant-filled Fort Canning Hill during their frequent outings there, and decided that only by writing a book could they satisfy their curiosity and shine a light upon this wonderful place.

10 April, 2017

Speaker: Ann Wee with Mandakini Arora

A Tiger remembers. Ann Wee shares her observations of Singapore gleaned from 66 years of living and working here. Ann was born in England in 1926 (the year of the Fire Tiger) but is, as Janadas Devan says in the foreword to Ann’s book, “made in Singapore”. Her micro-histories, engagingly told, bring colour and depth to Singapore's past.

24 April, 2017

Speaker: Tara Dhar Hasnain

In this talk, Tara will explore the strong links ancient Kashmir had with Gandhara, Central Asia, even China and Tibet/Ladakh. This led to (or resulted in) its syncretic culture and heritage, shaped by a confluence of Buddhism, Hinduism and the tolerant Sufi version of Islam. See rare pictures of ancient archaeological sites, especially from the first millennium, such as the venue of the Fourth Buddhist Council, Hindu temple structures that show Graeco-Hellenic influences and old Sufi shrines from the time Islam arrived in this fabled land.