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The Chinese Heritage Centre (CHC) was founded in 1995 to advance knowledge and understanding of ethnic Chinese communities in different parts of the world. The Centre undertakes a range of public education, documentation and research activities. One of the major projects CHC has undertaken was the publication of The Encyclopaedia of the Chinese Overseas in 1998. Now into its second print run, this publication is the standard reference on the Overseas Chinese and is printed in Chinese, English and French. The CHC also aims to be a leading research and resource center on the Chinese outside China. Its Wang Gungwu Library is an excellent resource center for scholars, researchers and students (with over 30,000 books in its collection). The Centre is also the coordinator for Huayinet, the website of the Inter-Agency Committee on Chinese Overseas Databank and Research Collection. The committee is made up of 13 Singapore-based organizations. Through this web site, information and material on the Chinese diaspora is easily accessible to the international community. It is located at the Nanyang Technological University.