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Opened in March 2004, The Arts House is one of Singapore's newest arts and heritage venues with programs and activities for everyone (lots of childrens' activities including some of the best "story-telling sessions" in Singapore). Housed in Singapore's first Court House and former Parliament House (built in 1827), just around the corner from ACM on Old Parliament Lane, The Arts House is Singapore's only gazetted government building designated as a multidisciplinary arts centre, Here, audiences connect with artists and arts organisations through a broad spectrum of engaging, contemporary arts and entertainment events. The Arts House is managed by Old Parliament House Limited, a not-for-profit full-service arts management company. Are you a movie buff? They also host classic and foreign films in a boutique "theatrette". And have a charming little cafe where you can get light meals, a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine. Visit their website to get onto their free email list for periodic activity updates or call 6332 6900.

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