Study Groups consist of 12-16 participants, each of whom research and present a topic of their choice within the scope of the term’s chosen topic. Meeting on consecutive Wednesday mornings, these Groups provide a wonderful opportunity for sharing knowledge amongst friends.

Date & Time: 25 March 2017, 12:00am - 11:59pm

Starting Wednesday October 12, 2017


Southeast Asia is home to many, many different ethnic groups.  In this study group, we hope to explore the diversity of the peoples in this region.  We also might learn about communities that have chosen to come together and would welcome topics on cultural or special interest organizations.


Possible Topics (please feel free to develop your own):

  • Overview of the over 50 ethnic groups found in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia,
  • Or specific research into one group, for example:
    • The Viet
    • The Hmong
    • The Khmer
    • The Cham
    • The Katu (Co Tu)
  • The 3 major Asian Ethnic groups: Han, Yamoto and Korean
  • Freemasons in Asia
  • Overview of Sino-Tibetan ethnic groups, or specify study of one group, such as
    • The Karen
    • The Yao
    • The Lahu
  • Indigenous peoples of Taiwan
  • The Ainu of Japan
  • Tokyo Cosplay Groups
  • Ethnic groups of the Philippines
  • Ethnic textiles of Northern Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia
  • Chinese clan associations in Singapore
  • Indonesian ethnic groups overview, or specify study of one group, such as
    • The Dayak
    • The Minangkabau
  • Ethnic jewelry – different makers, materials and styles
  • Geography and migration: why some groups move and others stay put
  • Difficulties faced by indigenous peoples